January 25, 2008

Imaad Shah Nominated for Stardust Awards

Imaad Shah has been nominated for Stardust Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance (Male) for his role in Dil Dosti Etc. The award ceremony takes place on 26 January, 2008

December 2, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc Starts its Film Festival Circuit at Lahore

Dil Dosti Etc was shown at the World Performing Arts Film Festival in Lahore, Pakistan on 28
November, 2007.

October 1, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc Opens to Strong Audience Response
& Moves to House Full Status in Several Centers

The House Full board and Ticket procured in 'Black' Souvenir from Gemini theatre, Bandra, Mumbai 6.30 pm show, 30 September 2007

Critics on Dil Dosit Etc

“Tiwary’s medium-budget milieu is to the present-gen, what Sai Paranjpye's middle-of-the-road Chashme Buddoor was to the '80s. Well worth going back.” – by Mayank Shekhar in Mumbai Mirror.
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“How many films do we see targeted explicitly at the youth/students/college kids? Prakash Jha has found his audience and in director Manish Tiwary manages to tell a decent tale. It’s shocking at times yes; but so is reality. …college students are going to identify with this flick and I suspect there will be mass bookings in the days to come.”
- by
Martin D'Souza

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“Debutant director Manish Tiwary’s 'Dil Dosti Etc' is a beautiful comment on the pangs of growing up… Set against (...) a silly wager that two men engage in— (that) Sanjay will win the elections and Apurv will manage to have sex with three women… Tiwary manages to show two divergent views. There are two Indias here in his movie. One is the India that lives in the metros, pampered existences and the other is the small town mentality. As a first film, Tiwary has proved that he has a story to tell and that he also has the ability to tell that story well.” – by msn.com
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  • "He is one Di#$head..."
  • "Wo Uski Nahi Teri Le Raha Tha..."
  • "I will (…) make a whore out of you..."

When you hear dialogues like these, you know for sure two things.

  • That you have entered into the youth zone. A zone where statements like these are common and mouthed not just by guys but also hip-n-happening urban girls.
  • That the Censors have become much liberal. No more annoying beeps here since profanities are let go as long as they are in the realms of a film and are justified.

Well, this indeed is justified as DIL DOSTI ETC could well be the middle-class Delhi setting for an up market DIL CHAHTA HAI setting in Mumbai/Sydney." – by Joginder Tuteja

Read the full review at: http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/hindi/review/9171.html

“Peppered with punchy dialogues and witty one-liners… Dil Dosti Etc is like a rich mosaic that traces the journey of different characters in bits and pieces that gradually fall into place and coalesce seamlessly. Dil Dosti Etc does indeed mark an impressive debut by Manish Tiwary" - by Ranjan Das
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September 28, 2007

September 27, 2007

- Imaad Shah’s Diary
Manish Tiwary (and Pawan Sony) had written a crisp and an intelligent script. I was instantly attracted to it because it is a film set in Delhi, a city I love. For me, Dil Dosti Etc is about a set of people at one of the most delicate phases of life trying to make sense of their environment and relationships. And in this whirlpool of people and emotions, I was offered to play Apurv, who if slightly self-centered and yet is fascinated by the world he finds around himself. His libertine values though unacceptable to some, are built on natural needs and instincts.

The preparation before the shoot was more based around being comfortable with a body language and trying to communicate with fellow actors through Anamika Haksar’s workshop. I read the script over and over but essentially played myself... because Apurv’s manners and gestures, I guessed, would be reasonably close to my own.

Shoot in Delhi was fantastic. This film would have worked no other way. Delhi is an enjoyable and beautiful city for me and I feel strongly that films should be shot on location as far as possible. Some of the locations we worked on in old Delhi were chaotic shoots but make up very interesting moments in the film. Again, the North Campus of Delhi University carries a unique character of its own. I’m glad we shot there.

When I look back, I remember the Hindu College boys breaking in to our costumes room stole all of our costumes. Many of my own clothes went. Though this was not a light moment then, it is now. Besides working I played lots of cricket, read, drank chai and smoked.

A scene that often comes to mind is when Vaishali is pressing Apurv’s back and asks him not to leave tonight.

- Shreyas Talpade Diary -

To me Dil Dosti Etc is about the youth of today and their take on friendship and love. Several characters come from different backgrounds and have their own take on life, each representing a particular segment of our society. The film is about the dreams and aspirations of youth today and how they end up in trying to reach their goals.

Manish had seen Iqbal, had liked my work and thought that I would be the right person to play the part of Sanjay Mishra, a bihari student in Delhi University.… I felt that the script was very interesting and I liked my role. After Iqbal the kind of offers that I was getting were either of seedha saadha gaon ka ladka or sports films. I was not really interested in either. The character of Sanjay Mishra that Manish offered had a lot of shades. Not many people would have offered me that kind of character at that point of time. All these factors made me sign the film.

I am not like Sanjay Mishra. But I can relate to his values, like respecting your elders and patents and his commitment to one person once you are in love. Prakash Jha and Manish Tiwary assisted me in getting under Sanjay Mishra’s character. And then I also interacted with the president of the college while we were shooting in Delhi. He was urbane but spoke with this subtle Bihari accent. I quietly borrowed some of his persona for Sanjay Mishra. You see, if you are from Bihar but staying in Delhi you would not be speaking with an accent that a Bihari would speak in Bihar. Instead it will be a mix of a Bihari with a city accent. And I tried to get that right. Sanjay Mishra had to have a particular body language, an air of confidence around him. Manish wanted everything pretty subtle, and not go over the top so we tried to maintain that.

Working with Imaad Shah was a great experience. Imaad reminded me a lot of Naseerji. The best part about him is that he is a completely natural performer. Not even for a moment would you feel that this man is acting. I think he fitted the bill of Apurv really well. And Nikita is a hard working girl. It was a completely different equation with the two, because on one hand you have Imaad who is a laid back and subtle and, on the other hand, there is Nikita who is always charged up. But all of us had good fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Prakash Jha Productions. I should add that there are many film makers who come up with interesting subjects but don’t manage this kind of backing. I thank Mr. Prakash Jha for standing behind this project and making it possible for all of us to realize the film.


- Manish Tiwary's Diary -

Please check out: http://passionforcinema.com/ and http://www.upperstall.com/dildostietc.html

September 17, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc Music Concert
Sunday 16 September, 2007
Photographs from the event held at Hindu College, Delhi University, Delhi
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We found something on youtube - a clip of Dum Laga being performed live and audience going crazy.

September 14, 2007

Delhi-ites do not forget the Dil Dosti Etc Live Music Concert in Hindu College!
On Sunday 16 September, from 6.30 p.m.
Live Performance by Siddhartth-Suhas and Agnee
If you have not collected your passes do so NOW!

September 7, 2007

Music Launch of Dil Dosti Etc Today!!!

Select Photographs from the Music Launch of Dil Dosti Etc held on
Friday, 7 September, 2007 at Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai
BIG music held the music launch of Dil Dosti Etc on Friday, 7th September at the Sea Princess hotel in Mumbai. The cast and crew of the movie were present at the launch, including Shreyas Talpade, Smriti Mishra, Ishitta Sharma and Nikita Anand, along with the director Manish Tiwary and producer, Prakash Jha. Also present were the music directors Sidharrth, Suhaas and the members of the Agnee group. Imaad Shah who also stars in the movie was the only one not present at the venue as he was recuperating in hospital; the director read a ‘best wishes’ message from Imaad that Manish had received on sms.
The launch started with a video oeuvre of film’s Prakash Jha has produced and directed in the the past ending with the theatrical trailer of Dil Dosti Etc. After brief speeches from the producer, the director and the stars of the film, the two music composers took to stage and the event turned briefly into to a ‘rock concert’ when they performed songs from the film. The audience enjoyed the music that ranges from a mix of foot-tapping beats and lyrics to capture the masti of college life and the Punjabi party scene in Delhi to soulful music that is introspective and speaks of the old Delhi charm.
Adlabs' head, Manmohan Shetty unveiled the music album alongwith the cast and crew of the movie. Dil Dosti Etc' team is looking forward to the review of its music album from the public and indeed the release of the film in theatres on 28 September.
You can visit the CNN-IBN coverage of this event at http://in.news.yahoo.com/070908/211/6kiac.html
Text courtesy: http://nowrunning.com and
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August 31, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc Live Music Concert for the Youth of Delhi!!!
16 September, 6.30 pm on Hindu College Grounds!!!

Catch the Stars and Musicians of Dil Dosti Etc in Delhi on Sunday, 16 September from 6.30 pm
There will be Live Performance by the music directors, Siddhartth-Suhas and Agnee of all the songs from our film Dil Dosti Etc. The stars of the film, Shreyas Talpade, Imaad Shah, Smriti Mishra, Nikita Anand, Ishitta Sharrma and Feroze Gujral along with director Manish Tiwary and producer Prakash Jha are all coming to the venue at Hindu College, north campus, Delhi University. Come join us on this occasion!

Show your student ID and collect your pass now. Passes Available at:
1. Music World
B105, Ansal Plaza (Phone-26250410) and
9UB Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar. (Phone: 30982285)
2. Planet M
F15, Cross river Plaza, CBD, Shahadara. (Phone: 42111863) and
3. Radio & Gramophone House
Opp PVR Cinema, K-block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place (Phone: 23416454)

Limited Passes Available
Visit our homepage www.dildostietc.com for more details on the film.